Can outdoors sport play a role in your spirituality? Is sport not a narcissistic pursuit of one's own pleasure concentrated on the physical alone? Well, I make a case for when outdoors sport can be part of one's meditative spiritual growth regime. Would like to hear your opinion.

Spiritourism or travel with a spiritual focus increased in popularity over the past decade. Today, the favourite destination by far is Cambodia's Siem Reap, home of Angkor Wat. Literally thousands of tourists arrive here every day.

New York City spirituality

Friend of mine from Cambodia married a fellow from New York--Cinderella dream come true. At her 3-day wedding, she was the envy of all. People brought her messages to give to Rambo and Angelina Jolie. I met up with her in Manhattan Island for a latte, hoping to hear that she is still happy.

To the question what kind of work I do, my answer is that I teach spirituality. To that, most people respond with something such as, "Is that like meditation?", or "I meditate, I like it". It seems as if the popular definition for spirituality has shifted to be something about meditation. The previous generation again, equated spirituality with either spiritism (ghosts, contact departed friends), or reincarnation and India. The reason for this is not hard to understand.