Creation is not evil; the Divine did not make a mistake to put us here.

Some mystical traditions of old believed the world is created by an evil God, a Demiurge. Some Christian mystics believed one can only be close to God away from creation, typically in the desert where no people, no animal, no being can defile one's superior awareness. Some people blaspheme, saying the Divine created evil and defiled beings (like pigs, dogs and women) and the spiritual seeker should refrain from association with those. Typically, when summer storms bring much needed rain and nutrition it is good but when they flood towns, kill people it is an act of God's retribution. Nowadays, too many people enjoy open windows only for a week in late Spring. They switch to air conditioning as soon as the furnace stops working. A fly in one's house can nowadays drive a family around the bend. Few people walk barefoot, most people have all but lost touch with reality.

Wayist teaching on culturally conditioned thinking is well known--it is said that it is one of the Root Downfalls of souls. It makes sense, but what can we do about it? How can we attain that great freedom from this all pervasive "evil" that hinders our spiritual growth?

I am writing this from Cambodia, it is half past 5 in the evening. Hard to concentrate because the neighbours' children (on all 3 sides) are making such a racket. Their dads are home, mom is cooking, there's yelling and hollering and general mayhem as all are at play and the chickens and the dogs scatter for safety. In about an hour the families will all sit down to dinner and neighbours start arriving to shoot the breeze. Work-life balance is not a concept they are familiar with because it has never been a problem here.