Humans are community animals. We need community and co-habitation, touch, sharing of experiences and emotions, and relationships. Without which we wither away and our souls get sick. However, big city folk necessarily learn to screen out other people. They learn to see selectively. They learn to see without taking cognisance. So how do we develop our spirituality under these conditions?

For Wayists, joy, beauty, sensuousness, consciousness, compassion and effecting positive change are soul food. Our souls get nurture and we grow through association with our neighbours. Wayism teaches that our neighbors are all creatures and all creation, there is so much community all around us. Community is essential for a Wayist path. Not that we are all social butterflies and that we all just love to to attend meetings and parties. I, for one, cannot stand the thought of going. My wife has a hard time coercing me into going. And, cliched as i am, when I get there I enjoy it and invariably the wife and I are of the last ones to leave. And my soul feels rejuvenated, nurtured, and then I start dreading the next thing we have to go to. Nevertheless, we need community.

There are many spiritualities out there that believe the world, the community at large, and material creation are all evil. For them, the highest good is to withdraw from the things, neighbours and creatures that their god made so, how to put it, evil. Those spiritualities have serious issues with how "evil" these bodies of our are, that God made, and how they have evil tendencies and do immoral and filthy things like pee, defecate, they leak saliva, ejaculate and they desire "filthy" things like sex, and sensual pleasure. Wayism is of course the opposite. The Benevolent Divine created all things perfectly, thank you very much. Nothing is evil, or defile us, or lead us astray. We are fully accountable, we don't have an evil creation or Divine mistakes or a devil to blame, we are accountable, no-one else.  In Wayism we sense the presence of the Divine in all things and it is a miracle of nature, so amazing. Of course, the Divine Energies are not only present but are creating amazing miracles inside ejaculate, mucus, saliva, poo, pee, and dead fish, dust and old beater trucks.

We learn to have unconditional positive regard, and we know that relationships cannot be unconditional. There are certain things with whom you simply do not want to an intimate relationship. Things like flesh eating bacteria, venomous snakes, and people with harmful mindsets must be on your no-relationship list. Does not mean we hate those things, no, we wish all of the best for them but we simply will not have a relationship with them because we Wayists do not believe that to be a victim is in any way a "good" thing to do. When we incarnate we know that we will fall prey and victim to any number of diverse neighbours and mindsets in our lifetime, that is just the nature of life on earth. Those testing times offer adequate opportunities to learn and grow, for the rest, we have to embrace the fact that the human body is fragile as an organic being and the human mind is a finely tuned chemically reliant machine that can easily go wrong--we have to protect ourselves, it is called due diligence.

Coming back to community. The Wayist grows through community and association with neighbours and creation in general. We cannot fulfil the purpose of life by hiding in a desert or monastery. No matter how much one meditates on gaining enlightenment, or how many million times we repeat a mantra, or how often we pray to praise God, we will not grow expect to learn that next time around we should rather live a full life than waste a lifetime hidden under a rock. The Divine will not have us incarnate if a lifetime as a human being was not required. The Divine will not have us incarnate to this planet if what it has to offer was not the absolute best in learning opportunities. The Divine is a benevolent Divine and will not have us be born in a particular context and a particular body if it was not the absolute best possible learning opportunity to live that life to the full.

People with all kinds of skills, of all skill levels and from around the world are welcome to join in and participate in our family of websites (the forum is a great place to start). Come to a Wayist event or seminar. Join or start a Wayist Group. Whether you are an application developer, writer, musician, artist, site administrator, designer, end user, blogger, novice, teacher, home maker, gardener, business owner, herbalist, hatha yoga teacher, event organizer, editor, social networking aficionado, or fan, there are ways for you to participate and contribute.

We also want your input. If you know of things we don't do, or don't do right, that we can do better, or should have done, please be so kind as to let us know.

Is sharing office space better or worse for your peace of soul-mind? This question seems to come up quite often, probably because the answer really depends on the individual and the particular group with whom one is sharing.

City folk learn to screen out other peoplea and to see people selectively. They learn to not care about you because they dont have mind space for you and your issues. We can do the same when we share space at work, but is it healthy?

 We are sick (literally) and tired of everything consumable, faux, synthetic, virtual and dispensable. We crave, deep in the soul, for things of quality, permanence, character and meaning. We want better quality food, and real lives...