Some religions teach that we humans were once perfect but lost our innocence—and the purpose of life is to try to win back our past perfection so that we can again join God in heaven.

Even Christianity can do this. St Paul teaches that we are born in sin and our nature is sinful. Therefore babies sin and will go to hell if they do not repent.

Theologies like that explain a vindictive kind of God who allows suffering of millions of innocent children; babies dying of starvation and malnutrition; genocide and other human-made cruelties of life on Earth simply because a handful of people (millions of years ago) “ate from a tree” that God said they shouldn’t do.

Wayism teaches a gradual learning, and gradual perfection of the soul.

Souls in need of corrective training will be given karmic learning opportunities, and some may see that as punishment. The Way is a system and process that works well—therefore, there are no “fallen” souls, and the purpose of life is growth, not punishment.

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