The concept of spiritual atonement is as old as humankind itself. One's soul, the essence of oneself, must be maintained, fed and healed. Neglecting the physical body results in sickness and the death of it, but the soul will reincarnate again. The neglected soul, however...well, thats a most different situation.

Can outdoors sport play a role in your spirituality? Is sport not a narcissistic pursuit of one's own pleasure concentrated on the physical alone? Well, I make a case for when outdoors sport can be part of one's meditative spiritual growth regime. Would like to hear your opinion.

Wayist teaching on culturally conditioned thinking is well known--it is said that it is one of the Root Downfalls of souls. It makes sense, but what can we do about it? How can we attain that great freedom from this all pervasive "evil" that hinders our spiritual growth?