angkor wat city of temples

Imagine living in the big city of Angkor, one thousand years ago. Many people dont have to imagine it, they lived it. The city of Angkor was a huge metropolis consisting of about thirty temple towns. Wayism Cambodia operates guided tours from Siem Reap, spirituality training and volunteer opportunities. What was life like in the big city of Angkor?

Humans are community animals. We need community and co-habitation, touch, sharing of experiences and emotions, and relationships. Without which we wither away and our souls get sick. However, big city folk necessarily learn to screen out other people. They learn to see selectively. They learn to see without taking cognisance. So how do we develop our spirituality under these conditions?

New York City spirituality

Friend of mine from Cambodia married a fellow from New York--Cinderella dream come true. At her 3-day wedding, she was the envy of all. People brought her messages to give to Rambo and Angelina Jolie. I met up with her in Manhattan Island for a latte, hoping to hear that she is still happy.